Dear Brothers,


We are announcing the establishment of a liaison office for all masons

of Greece and abroad, with the name “Akakia”.

During this economic and social crisis, it is considered necessary

and has also been discussed amongst Brothers,

the need to get to know each other better.

There are many examples of Brothers who need something

either in a personal or professional level,

and do not know who among Brothers could help.

This is a strictly SECRET group of Brother members

from every masonic force of Greece, Cyprus and abroad.

This group is NOT accessible or traceable from the public Internet,

but only for the members of this closed group "AKAKIA Brothers" liaison office.

All posts (text, links, photos, videos, etc.) are not posted to the public,

but only to the group members.

The republication or the public display of any material that is posted within the group is PROHIBITED.

Anything posted here, STRICTLY stays here!


To register to the group you must

1. Be proposed by an already member,

2. Send a personal message to the administrator, of akakia liaison office in Facebook

3. Send an email to akakiaregalia@gmail.com  to register your membership.

The AKAKIA Brothers liaison office has as a purpose in the near future

to issue a MASTERCARD debit membership card with the holder's name,

when the members of the group will have reached a satisfying number (1000 members).


This card will be used in various companies WORLDWIRE

and shops that have signed a cooperation with AKAKIA for special discounts to its members,

throughout Greece and abroad.

Also a list of partners and discounts that will be offered to our members will be realized.


Brother regards