akakia regalia

Ελευθερία - Ισότης - Αδελφότης


Dear Brother,

We welcome you to AKAKIA Regalia, with Masonry products and hope we can supply you with every mason product you might need .

Our purpose is to offer to every mason good quality products, sewed handmade and most importantly in affordable prices.

We cooperate with some mason designers and producers who are able and willing to work with you and create any mason product you have in mind  for your  fraternity.

Our main cooperation with Greek companies and Greek masons is offering a boost in the greek market and also highlights the Fraternity and our support to the Guild.

We also cooperate with designers from UK, Germany, Italy and USA, for the most stylish mason products that can be found in the world.

We support all the different systems that exist with masonic products under the English Constitution, Scottish rite, Knights Templar, Royal Arch, krypton, and more.

AKAKIA Regalia are always available for you.

Visit us at our shop in Athens next to the Grand Lodge of Greece.


Soon we will have an E-shop




e-mail : akakia@akakia.info & akakiaregalia@gmail.com

  Sourmeli  2 (Next to the Grand Lodge of Greece  "Μ.Σ.Τ.Ε." Acharnon) - 104 38 ATHENS

Tel. : 2108252062